Choosing the right timber can make all the difference. Thats why we produce your special joinery and risers in a variety of materials to suit both your budget & your style.

Below are just a few samples of the materials we can offer in their natural colours.

Accoya ®

High Performance Timber suitable for many applications due to its stablilty and durablity.

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A durable West African Hardwood, suitable for internal and external joinery.

When stained it can give the appearance of Oak without the Oak price tag.


A very durable West African Hardwood, suitable for external joinery, gates & boat building.



Hardwood naturally resistant to decay and insects. Suitable for internal and external joinery.

Moisture movement is small leading to good stability with doors.


A moderately durable West African Hardwood, suitable for internal and external joinery.


European Oak

Durable material used for external joinery. Does have a tendency to surface check (split) so does require a slightly higher level of maintenance.

American White Oak

Suitable for internal joinery such as doors, staircases and skirting etc.


American White Ash

Suitable for internal joinery.

Douglas Fir

A durable Softwood suitable for internal & external joinery.

Poplar (Tulipwood)

A stable Softwood suitable for internal doors and other internal joinery.


Timber is a natural product & will have natural variations in colour, grain & character in each piece.

The images above are a generic example of the material. The colours & grain will vary from what is shown.


Looking for a stained finish?

We have standard range of finishes avaliable for you to choose from